I Have The Monopoly Now.. | 3rd Life | Ep.2

We're back with some more 3rd life, today we create our own monopoly plus we surprise Grian and Scar with something... Subscribe if you're new and leave a like if you enjoyed :)


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      I’ve joined the #deadbushgang

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      @Leia GD Yes :3

    • Heather Baird

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  2. ♡︎ ᔕᗩᗰᗰY ♡︎

    ♡︎ ᔕᗩᗰᗰY ♡︎

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    I just have to say that your place for your house looks like Machu Picchu

  3. Dylan Karns

    Dylan Karns

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    Join HermitCraft

  4. kingkong 8u

    kingkong 8u

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  5. Skye Andrews

    Skye Andrews

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    why cant you have helmets??????????????????????????????????????????????/

  6. Mars Pearson

    Mars Pearson

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    I love how Ren calls Joel Beans

  7. Missy Regan

    Missy Regan

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    From the banister

  8. Sophia Luther

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  9. Boba flower

    Boba flower

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    ‘Joeleo joeleo where art thou joeleo’ The Most beautiful quote ever said

  10. Queen Elizabif And frenz

    Queen Elizabif And frenz

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    Is it really a smallish beans video without a time lapse?

  11. Rayman plays

    Rayman plays

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  12. Scarlette Skjod

    Scarlette Skjod

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    #DeadBushGang yas also I want time lapse

  13. BiancaPlays


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    Joel: collecting lily pads. Scar and grian: laughs in dark oak

  14. That _SheepDoe

    That _SheepDoe

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    Make sticks the currency and you will be a millionare

  15. ITSDJgaming


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    Dont worry Joel, I like dead bushes 🥺

  16. IceBearLikesIceCream 1234

    IceBearLikesIceCream 1234

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    Why was I halfway through this video when I realized Joel didn’t have on shaders?

  17. Gasha Adeeva Gouttery

    Gasha Adeeva Gouttery

    پیش 29 روز

    Here is Joel’s new name: Joel, the Lily Pad King

  18. Saddust_23


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    smallish shrek

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    Subscribe, Joel says so

  21. Geraldine Schoeman

    Geraldine Schoeman

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    I almost started cry when i found out the dog name is Geraldine same as mine 😂😭❤️❤️

  22. Srijaw Maharjan

    Srijaw Maharjan

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    I want u to build step by step so we can learn how to build too : )



    پیش ماه

    #time laps

  24. Makena Lawrence

    Makena Lawrence

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    can you please do a time laps but with behind the scenes for the next episode :)

  25. Julie Coover

    Julie Coover

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    Step by step

  26. xjacop


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    Time lapse plz

  27. MinnTeaIce_


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    I think I would like to see step-by-step building. Sure, time lapse makes it easier to watch fast, but step-by-step feels more natural! it also calms me for some reason soo,, yes :')

  28. Alanna John

    Alanna John

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    yes timelapses! i like watching you build

  29. coconutcore


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    “I HAVE A MONOPOLY!” “No you don’t. I HAVE A MONOPOLY!” “NO I DO!” Rendog: *laughs in enchanting*

  30. Isaac Ho

    Isaac Ho

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    why no helmets

  31. Zaeliouss


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    I love how Joel is the messenger and just shares all the info he has among the groups

  32. Conor Glennon

    Conor Glennon

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  33. Gansta Yoda

    Gansta Yoda

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  34. tacobell4life3 _UwU

    tacobell4life3 _UwU

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    Build one by one

  35. Isla-jane


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    Why a arent use allowed helmets?

  36. tea is teaa

    tea is teaa

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    Lmao i love dis im rlly happy dat yu have 2ml subs #Deadbushgang

  37. Saige Randall

    Saige Randall

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    Me: Joel where’s Lizzie? Me: Joel this isn’t funny where is Lizzie?! Me: JOEL WHERE IS LIZZIE-

  38. Kat!


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    What is monopoly

  40. smort translator :p

    smort translator :p

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    I was waiting for my dinner laughing my a## of

  41. Nicola Rigby

    Nicola Rigby

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    Step by step

  42. Nathan Kong Xai Tou

    Nathan Kong Xai Tou

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    Hey! I came up with that checkerboard pattern! No seriously I did it before this episode even tho i dont think i invented it.

  43. Alexis Crozier

    Alexis Crozier

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    You missed a diamond 💎

  44. Nyxira


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    Not sure why I haven't subscribed before, I've watched a lot of your build videos and such before now. I apologize. I've now rectified the issue.

  45. Jerry Fanai

    Jerry Fanai

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  46. Breanna Lunder

    Breanna Lunder

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  47. Mackada Scott

    Mackada Scott

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    Lama terry😊

  48. Jason Fitt

    Jason Fitt

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    i'm so glad i watched this the day the 3rd ep came out lol

  49. Beach Boy Minecraft

    Beach Boy Minecraft

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    He STILL hasn't explained why they're not allowed helmets

  50. Yellow mellow Frog 🐸❤️✨✨✨🌈🌤🌿

    Yellow mellow Frog 🐸❤️✨✨✨🌈🌤🌿

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  51. einwahrer engel

    einwahrer engel

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  52. THE weeb

    THE weeb

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    Etho has a sauske skin :) respect

  53. You where challenged by gym leader Rosa

    You where challenged by gym leader Rosa

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  54. DWAM


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    You can fish for lilypads

  55. marissa21r


    پیش ماه

    I would say step by step build it

  56. MilkDud ??

    MilkDud ??

    پیش ماه

    Joel's timelapses are _iconic_ , so yes please use them in every series where it's physically possible.

  57. Roblox master 85 6985

    Roblox master 85 6985

    پیش ماه

    For some reason the screen is black and the audio is going in and out and the seconds are taking five seconds to move forward the video is just totally liking out for me

  58. Aesthetic Brosephines

    Aesthetic Brosephines

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    this series is going to be pog

  59. Carl Cockling

    Carl Cockling

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    joel you an get diamonds in that swamp by mining down in the middle of those clay patches

  60. Frederic Thalheimer

    Frederic Thalheimer

    پیش ماه

    love how you found almost as much diamonds while coal mining for few minutes, then in the 30 min before

  61. Arti Meena

    Arti Meena

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    Do step by step

  62. Sharon Jevelyn

    Sharon Jevelyn

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    Joel pls time lapse

  63. Kelsey Ayars

    Kelsey Ayars

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    What you need to do is get a beacon and create a monopoly with Scott on diamonds. Just mine all the diamonds under everyone’s base first and then take over the world.

  64. deku dino M

    deku dino M

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    step please

  65. Eli Achit-Erdene

    Eli Achit-Erdene

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    oh and why don't you start killing pigs good to eat and i LOVE THE SQUELLING and + they don't give you food poisining while raw

  66. Eli Achit-Erdene

    Eli Achit-Erdene

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    i think you should put your very sacred items under the sheep ther'er are so many but to get there dig a hole under the sheep farm and place it!!🙃

  67. Kristal Dodge

    Kristal Dodge

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    No one me Etho’s skin is Kakashi From Naruto do do

  68. Yo skeleton boi

    Yo skeleton boi

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    I have a monopoly on all the cows on my server

  69. iFake


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    If TECHNO NEVER DIES then if he joins

  70. Kawaii Kat

    Kawaii Kat

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    Timelaspe please I love them they are so quick and it saves time for the video and then you can do more things cause the video will be shorter

  71. Lisa Marris

    Lisa Marris

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    you hould of gotten an enchatment table u stubid

  72. Madison KIley

    Madison KIley

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  73. Enzo Adde

    Enzo Adde

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    i'm the only one who don't understand why joel collects dead bushes, maybe cause i'm new on his channel ? ^^

  74. Ollie Cullen

    Ollie Cullen

    پیش ماه

    And once you’ve done that it will be rather hard for people or mobs to do damage to you

  75. Ollie Cullen

    Ollie Cullen

    پیش ماه

    Hey Joel y don’t u try selling the dead bushes for ridiculous amounts of iron or diamonds or whatever then u can become the richest player and get better enchantments on your weaponry and armour

  76. Kenslie Gardiner

    Kenslie Gardiner

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  77. HackMaster Gaming

    HackMaster Gaming

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    I would love you to timelaps then I would sub

  78. Tom McIver

    Tom McIver

    پیش ماه

    Smallishbeens I loved your 1000 days video, do you think you could expand that to 2000 days plz :)

  79. 1_angel _xxx

    1_angel _xxx

    پیش ماه

    Plz time-lapse for the building of you're house

  80. 1_angel _xxx

    1_angel _xxx

    پیش ماه

    Does etho have the skin of kakashi from the serie naruto???

  81. Caleb Gall

    Caleb Gall

    پیش ماه

    Time laps

  82. Hannah Black

    Hannah Black

    پیش ماه

    Time laps

  83. S1ippy L3mons

    S1ippy L3mons

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  84. Francesca Serafica

    Francesca Serafica

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    people in 2021- yay new series! people in 2026- anyone here in 2026?

  85. Henriplays


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    You should timelaps it

  86. Moumitali Roy

    Moumitali Roy

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    Can u make a tower pls

  87. SuperBenjiBot


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    timelapses are satisfying

  88. Kirlian Aggavaro Haryanto

    Kirlian Aggavaro Haryanto

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    Name: Etho skin: Kakashi weebs: is that's Kakashi??????

  89. Lily 'Happ' Wilson

    Lily 'Happ' Wilson

    پیش ماه

    I just realized, as dumb some might see Joel's monopoly on dead bushes is, if some people end up needed them for decor it would make Joel's monopoly have a interesting value

  90. Faria Productions

    Faria Productions

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  91. Jeo-melon


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    There all hyping over dark oak lol

  92. Saphira The Novawing

    Saphira The Novawing

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    "It ain't fun but it's gotta be done" - Joel 2021

  93. 0XBlondie96X0


    پیش ماه

    Joel: *collects lily pads to try and get a monopoly on them* Also Joel: *completely forgets that you can get lily pads through fishing*

  94. am a Bad artist

    am a Bad artist

    پیش ماه

    Im So suck In Diamond mining So you know what..... I'll make my inventory full of Stone picaxes and use Them until there all ded (i'll Put here how Much did i find diamonds with all of the picaxes )

  95. Yunnie


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    Timelapses are great

  96. Hirana Khan

    Hirana Khan

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    Cow's don't exist??????????????????????????????

  97. Kari Glasgow

    Kari Glasgow

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  98. Mirjana Deletic

    Mirjana Deletic

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    I want a timelapse

  99. Nafis Ikbal

    Nafis Ikbal

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    Sir plz give me one heart please 💕

  100. Kaitlyn Gonzalez

    Kaitlyn Gonzalez

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