Hey there, I make youtube videos sometimes and sometimes people watch them sometimes.

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  1. Todoshi - Carolyn

    Todoshi - Carolyn

    پیش 34 ثانیه

    JOEL this is Kingdom Craft ;-;

  2. Venetia Boss

    Venetia Boss

    پیش دقیقه

    What about the other 9?

  3. 🔥Iroh🔥


    پیش 6 دقیقه

    I love your videos Joel!

  4. ☾︎madisondalessio☽︎


    پیش 6 دقیقه

    Can you make some building how-to's (your builds are so cute btw)

  5. Door Jam

    Door Jam

    پیش 7 دقیقه

    Cal it the far land

  6. Door Jam

    Door Jam

    پیش 8 دقیقه

    You could should get raw iron blocks they look like beans

  7. Dovie Lovie

    Dovie Lovie

    پیش 11 دقیقه

    This man is so dedicated to one single player world. Like jesus christ, how does he do it?

  8. Aubrey Colby

    Aubrey Colby

    پیش 12 دقیقه

    You can put one of the sea lizards in a water bucket (I forget what there called) 😂

  9. 42 IX-B Tilak Tank

    42 IX-B Tilak Tank

    پیش 13 دقیقه

    Is this world compatible for mcpe

  10. EPIC PARTY!!!! 101

    EPIC PARTY!!!! 101

    پیش 13 دقیقه

    Me : survival god

  11. Noah Haley

    Noah Haley

    پیش 14 دقیقه

    Mega Mighty Mesa

  12. Hazem Mahmoud

    Hazem Mahmoud

    پیش 17 دقیقه

    The green sun

  13. Turtle_Jone plus

    Turtle_Jone plus

    پیش 17 دقیقه

    Name forthe empire : Azaliland

  14. Cierra


    پیش 18 دقیقه

    What about the Oasis Empire? It looks like a little oasis in the mesa

  15. Jellotian


    پیش 19 دقیقه

    Call it the Beanlands

  16. Michael Salerno ( Student )

    Michael Salerno ( Student )

    پیش 21 دقیقه


  17. neferpitou


    پیش 21 دقیقه

    kinda like kingdom craft all over again LOL

  18. Bethany Winter

    Bethany Winter

    پیش 22 دقیقه

    How about bean's badland boxes.

  19. galexy712


    پیش 23 دقیقه

    The fact he said war was necessary

  20. Avron Schuttelaars

    Avron Schuttelaars

    پیش 28 دقیقه

    call it bigbeans! @SmallishBeans

  21. Crystal_bxxch #elmi

    Crystal_bxxch #elmi

    پیش 28 دقیقه

    Bbh walks in with a knife

  22. Tamzin Rose

    Tamzin Rose

    پیش 32 دقیقه

    Call it the Forbidden fields

  23. يوسف النقبي

    يوسف النقبي

    پیش 32 دقیقه

    Helles,es,sells und man 👨 die

  24. Toni Lawhorn

    Toni Lawhorn

    پیش 34 دقیقه

    Coming back to watch it because it is just so cute

  25. Aryan Amin

    Aryan Amin

    پیش 36 دقیقه

    Can you make a nether hub

  26. Mago The Foxxo

    Mago The Foxxo

    پیش 37 دقیقه

    *me seeing this video*: Ah well now im remembering tommys video and the autotuned bees but both are very nice

  27. Erin Wilkie

    Erin Wilkie

    پیش 39 دقیقه

    The Dead bush Destroyer

  28. Lizzy


    پیش 43 دقیقه

    LDshadowlady your wife took stuff from your place

  29. imke16 brink

    imke16 brink

    پیش 44 دقیقه

    Greeps empire

  30. A&S Toys

    A&S Toys

    پیش 45 دقیقه

    Amaziea de le jole

  31. jmb broeders

    jmb broeders

    پیش 46 دقیقه

    Name:orange empire

  32. Warrior Cats

    Warrior Cats

    پیش 49 دقیقه

    🌌how about the Lush Lands? It’s a combination of Bad Lands and Lush Cave

  33. Calum Watson

    Calum Watson

    پیش 51 دقیقه


  34. Parinah Dang

    Parinah Dang

    پیش 52 دقیقه

    U can call it the small shi mangsha

  35. Tbrnrkayani Gamers

    Tbrnrkayani Gamers

    پیش 54 دقیقه

    Maybe u could call your kingdom alysian empire

  36. Holden Burgoyne

    Holden Burgoyne

    پیش 54 دقیقه

    was reading the comments and first minute i saw 3 emilys

  37. JustMeJB


    پیش 56 دقیقه

    name it baka

  38. RTRTM


    پیش 57 دقیقه

    Sbren sbeve bee lived :O A

  39. JustMeJB


    پیش 58 دقیقه

    leave the tent there it’s so cute

  40. Nilbgilb


    پیش 58 دقیقه

    call it Hell 2

  41. J Egbert

    J Egbert

    پیش 59 دقیقه

    The numerous peen acromegaly buzz because snow naturally command throughout a bright dream. nauseating, bloody leg

  42. Chef to b 24

    Chef to b 24

    پیش 59 دقیقه

    Joels Jeremesa should be your Empires name! :D

  43. Glyn Oliver

    Glyn Oliver

    پیش ساعت

    The azelia is a tree btw

  44. Michal


    پیش ساعت

    Empire name idea for joels empire (might sound stupid pls dont blame me lol): the azoel empire Haha get it cuz azeleas, joel, when you put those two words together it's azoel

  45. Joshua Harris

    Joshua Harris

    پیش ساعت

    name your kingdom blossiming realm since you seem to be using flowers alot

  46. Dannie Boba

    Dannie Boba

    پیش ساعت

    Mesabean empire

  47. Cliffordlonghead


    پیش ساعت

    Awesome Video and Zach is evil

  48. Marnie Rand

    Marnie Rand

    پیش ساعت

    Ps Ldshadow Lady stole from you

  49. uhSHER29


    پیش ساعت

    Dang lizzie got 2M in just a year

  50. Noah Castor

    Noah Castor

    پیش ساعت

    can we have the texture pack??????

  51. Team EKSO

    Team EKSO

    پیش ساعت


  52. Julian Brouwer

    Julian Brouwer

    پیش ساعت


  53. Abe Garza

    Abe Garza

    پیش ساعت

    The Goodlands

  54. Charles Bagsit

    Charles Bagsit

    پیش ساعت

    MESApotamia :)

  55. Aiden Mcandress

    Aiden Mcandress

    پیش ساعت

    Joel’s teeth tents

  56. Bushy


    پیش ساعت

    You should name it alagesia

  57. Juneau


    پیش ساعت


  58. Richard Rotter

    Richard Rotter

    پیش ساعت

    i love how he doent explain properly

  59. Web Head

    Web Head

    پیش ساعت

    King SmallishBeans Currently Small But Hopefully Evolving Empire Situated In The Badlands Biome Of The MineCraft Game. Or KSCSBHEESITBBOTMG for short.